Monday, May 18, 2009


On Saturday the 10 day waiting period ended and Spanky and Winston were formally introduced with great result!
They are now officially friends and Winnie follows Spanky wherever he goes and since Spanky follows me wherever I go we look like a mini parade.
Spanky was a very sweet boy and only swatted at Winnie twice when he jumped on his back (and who can blame him).
I think the heat definitely helped mellow them both out.
Below are some pic of the event:

Waking Winston to meet spanky

Sizing each other up from a safe distance

Sharing a cool kitchen floor

Two hot boys

Winnie exploring the rest of the apt.

It appears I've got another laptop lover

Love this one!


A.M.Bush said...

what a cute kitten. thanks for adding me to your links

husna yusuf nawawi said...

"Sizing each other up from a safe distance" picture, ... i like it.