Monday, March 30, 2009

Farwell Sweet Rufus

Sadly my wonderful cat Rufus died on Saturday at the tender age of 7.
I've owned many cats in my life but Rufus was the best, he was perfect in every way.
Silky, Clean, Sweet, Smart, Friendly, Good Natured and rarely got into trouble.
When he was only 6 months old he taught himself how to play fetch and in many ways was more like a loyal dog than an indifferent feline.
Whenever I was sick he would always stay by my side and when he slept he looked like a bunny.
It's a mystery how he died since he was healthy as a horse the day before and appeared simply to pass in the night inexplicably.
I miss you sweet friend.


Dead Ringer said...

looking at his picture made me all misty eyed! He was indeed the best cat in the entire world period. I miss pressing my face into his silky fur and he'd let me do that bc he was that nice.
r.i.p silky beautiful funny rufus. :(

mosiactree said...

Ruffy! You will be missed by all! He was truly a handsome devil and so full of funny antics. He loved to play and fetch and teach Spanky to get into trouble! You will live on in our hearts and minds. Love to you Rufus, wherever you are...