Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Bombast -A- Go Go

Holy Crap I survived another year and another birthday!
Just a quick post to say thanks to my amazing you done it again the sweet loot was right on the money and drunken bowling, Chinese food and late night record listining hit the spot! An entire weekend of partying does makes me glad birthdays come once a year.
Here's a little taste of the joy:
Lovely Loot

Look at these glasses, insane..Fred Flintstone must have owned them before me!

For anyone who's squeamish please avert your eyes to the glorious hand crafted birthday card below (for anyone crazy enough to want more let me know and I'll post the additional pages):
A lovely tribute to one of my favorite Will Farrel sketches involving Captain Goulet by the talented Will.

And finally Check out this AMAZING gift from my insanely talented friend Shawn-

Thanks Again everyone you knocked both socks off and more!


Shawn said...

Hoooly crap! I didn't know it was your BIRTHDAY!!! DAMN!

Hope it was good!

I've been saving some fun crap for you. So, Expect belated birthday treats from me in your mailbox soon!

Freckled Derelict said...

Hahah no worries I did the same thing with Nicole on her last b-day!! So hard to keep track. It was good thanks for the belated salutaions!!