Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Popeye Product Lettering & the Ravages of TIME....

I love vintage popeye anything ...what can I say that guy is just so damn lovable! Especially toys and comics I'm addicted.
Its interesting to see the different ways Popeye is drawn/presented and the lettering they use depending on when the item was printed. It seems the 1930-40's thick round lettering was more creative and fresh but slowly over time the lettering got skinnier and correspondingly boring .....though not all skinny is created equal. A lot depends on the company that produced the item. Both styles are for the most part appealing but it seems more effort was given to the lettering in the 30-40s . It feels like those letters are working just as hard as the Popeye drawing to get the kids attention... as if its shouting " Fun stuff is inside this Package/Comic!". However there is one exception to this theory and that is the new bastardized Popeye monstrosities coming out that attempt to use old lettering. It is done so half assed and on top of that they have Popeye doing unspeakable things like the horrifying image below-
Here are a few examples to clean your eyes with, decide which you prefer - Skinny, Fat or in between....... **** Also Check out the different ways Popeye was drawn in the earlier products like the alarm clock..............I LOVE off model!!!

***BONUS*** Check out these vintage Hebrew Popeyes..even their lettering is fat and appealing!!

***PS*** If you haven't bought the book below BUY IT for the LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****


LĂȘA said...

great stuff!

hurray for popeye!

BooBerry Bill said...

I like him better without his hat!

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