Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tenacious D Live in SF !!!!!!!!

Oh Lordy I saw Tenacious D last night and they were amazing.

They started out by lifting the curtain to reveal a trashy apt with them under a crappy comforter on a couch. Then they whipped off the blanket looked at each other and began to rock.

After a few songs they busted out the Saxaboom and ripped a tasty jam.

Then Lee showed up, freeloaded a bit, sang a song, spilled a beer and left.
Jables announce to Kage that they should go electric like Dylan and he pulled out a guitar made out of a toilet seat, orange extending cord and foil saying he bought it at a garage sale and it was the first electric ever made.

When Kage plugged it in the sparks flew, they pretended to be electrocuted and the lights went out.
Then a screen came on showing a video of them arriving in hell. They decided to form a band and ran into a guy shredding on an electric that looked exactly like Jesus who said he was the anti christ.
Jack and Kyle asked if he wanted to be in their band, he said yes and brought some friends to jam too.
The friends were evil Col. Sanders on the drums and a gay Charlie Chaplin on bass.
Then the screen came down and band was set up in a volcanic looking hell environment with smoking coming out of it.
Jack and Kyle called them the fellowship of the D and they went electric and played some of their new pick of destiny songs.

Aside from James Brown Jack Black is definitely the hardest working man in show business. He was running and thrashing all over that stage for the entire 3 hour show.

They did 2 encore songs FHG and Double Team.
All in all they played my favorite songs, bunch of really good new ones and rocked the crowd hard.


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Phillip Skeen said...

Holy Jesus!!

You saw the D!? KickAss!! Are they touring. (I know, "check out the web, dumbass")
That rules!! I loved The Pick of Destiny. Thanks for sharing. I envy you.