Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ooh La La

Why do I love Robert Mitchum like I do.
Well the real question is who could watch Night of the Hunter, Out of the Past, Cape Fear or Pursued and not appreciate him?

I have been watching way too many old movies lately but what can I say they are just more interesting.
I don't understand why current movie directors don't take a cue from film noir and put more depth into their lighting and shot angles...Not to mention plot.
The only current movies that come close are SIN CITY and the KILL BILL vol.
Sin city is the only movie I've seen where technology has been used the right way to help the overall movie and enhance the plot.
Film Noir Movies I recommend:
Born to kill
The Lady from Shanghai
Citizen Kane
Night of the Hunter
Out of the Past
Cape Fear
Young Man with a Horn
Kiss of Death
Gun Crazy
The Chase
The Big heat - which has an additional bonus of a very young Lee Marvin.

Lee Marvin is another one of my favorite actors

Some of his best movies:
Point Blank - Visually stunning, every time I watch it I find something new
The Professionals
The Dirty Dozen - Freaking Hilarious
but don't see paint your wagon...Trust me.

On another note I love using 70's porn for drawing reference. Playboy has a few books out with tons of great photos.
Some other great reference books:
Bikini Girls by bunny yeger
Bernards Hollywood
Bettie Page Uncensored

Here's a sketch taking reference from playboy:

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