Sunday, July 30, 2006

John K. Did Save San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John K. the creator of Ren and Stimpy in S.F. am I having a wet dream????
Once I found out John K. was coming to S.F. I made it my mission to see at least one of the screenings and Sat night didn't disappoint!
I'd never been to the Castro Theater before but it has an amazingly beautiful interior of classic architecture and a silent movie organ!
All the cartoon's shown were damn funny and I was so glad to finally get a glimpse of some flash cartoons I haven't seen since the spumco site and icebox went down.
Boo Boo run's wild and pee boners were side splitting not to mention the Tenacious D and Weird Al videos but when Man's Best Friend finished I thought they would have to wheel people out of the theatre on stretchers.
The sneak peek of Ren reading a golden book of "Children's Crusade" to Stimpy was mouth watering and left me wanting more,More,MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most amazing thing from the whole night was how down to earth and nice John K. was.
He took the time to answer everyone's questions no matter how retarded and stayed to draw pictures and sign autographs!
John is one of my biggest hero's so to have him draw me was immeasurable!
If anyone's reading this make sure to get the new Adult party cartoon DVD Lost Episodes then tell John how much you love it at!!
It's in stores now and so damn funny, I especially recommend Ren Seek's Help.
I rewound a line of Stimpys from that cartoon - "Don't do it for me...DO IT For Yourself!!!!!!" for almost a half and hour straight and wet myself from laughing.
Whoever animated that sequence should be given a Nobel Peace prize...Literally.
Anyway's I better go since just thinking about yesterday's show is making me drool on myself.
Here's the drawing John did of me:
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I still can't believe he did these drawings in 2 minutes. I guess that's why he's the master.

Here's John's drawing of my bestfriend Brianna:
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Brett W. Thompson said...

Awesome writeup!! :)

I think I remember who you were- did you ask about the toys and say you'd buy them all?? :)

Freckled Derelict said...

You got it that was me in the front row.
Poor Johm I had a million questions.

Brett W. Thompson said...

Haha, neat!

I recognized you from the drawing John did and what you were talking about and I *really* wish I had gotten up the courage / had a chance to say hello to you!

Next time :)

Freckled Derelict said...

Well if we get lucky and John does the 3 Stooges festival I'll probably see you there!
Make sure to say hello :)