Monday, July 31, 2006

Comic exerpts

Ok a little background-
One of my best friends Brianna (Who by the way is unbelievably talented in all areas of art) made a personalized spoof comic book for my birthday one year called "The virgin barbie". It was so freakin funny and ridiculous that I ended up making her one for her birthday titled "Chronicles of Wanlass". I'm not listing the full pages of the story because it's mostly inside jokes and probably wouldn't make much sense. The shots listed are just a few of my favorites,the comic has a lot more to it. If anyone's interested in seeing exerpts from Brianna's comic let me know and I'll post some images.
I should also note that everything is exagerated and totally fictitious, Brianna's father is not really Freddy Krugger nor did she wrestle sheep.

Family Portrait -

Wrestling Fiasco

Hauled Away

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